Day 3-Wheat, who needs ya!

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Woke up this morning and something just seemed right about going Wheat Free. I can’t really explain it, but as I rolled out of bed and walked groggy toward the bathroom, the thought just came to my head, “You’ve made the best decision to give up the Wheat”.  I can’t say I am feeling all that much better, but intuitively I believe I am on the right path.

I’ve been talking to my Pilates Clients about the whole idea of giving up Gluten, and it’s funny how many people find it intimidating. Sure, wheat is in everything you see on a grocery store shelf, but I don’t feel intimidated. I feel empowered. I feel like I have been let in on a secret that only some are aware.  I took out my doggie for her afternoon walk and here in NYC, there is temptation around every corner.  Pizza, Cupcakes, Bagels, Candy shops, etc..  But I can honestly say that I walked by the beautifully placed items in the windows and didn’t once feel like I was missing out on anything. I stood there in front of Magnolia and thought how pretty the cake looked, but with no urge to have a piece. I like the idea of keeping on track to better health more than satisfying a craving.  Which brings me to cravings. I’ve been reading this amazing book regarding Wheat Elimination, and I’ve been finding out some great info on what this “Healthy Grain” is doing to our bodies.

Did you know that two slices of wheat bread can raise your blood sugar as high as two slices of white bread?

And did you know that Wheat is in fact an appetite stimulant?  I’m starting to realize that on those mornings when I had two slices of wheat bread with my egg whites, I wasn’t necessarily in need of food, but wanting more. Every had one pretzel? IMPOSSIBLE!!! One leads to one more which leads to ten and a whole lot of guilt later.

And on top of that, Two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. But, the USDA gives us guidelines that we should have 4 or more servings of whole grains or more per day!  With that much wheat, we don’t stand a chance.  I hear it from my clients all the time. “I’m working out several times a week, I”m eating well, but I just can’t seem to lose the weight”  Little did they, or I for that matter, realize that what we considered healthy is in fact similar to having a handful of jelly beans.  And really had I choice , I would have so enjoyed those colorful little beans more than those dried out pieces of tree bark that were called healthy bread!

The more and more I learn each day, I’m thinking NOT TO WHEAT!

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2 thoughts on “Day 3-Wheat, who needs ya!

  1. Kashl

    Thanks for doing this blog! I find it very informative as I too am considering giving up wheat.

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